Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Fitness? What is Your Focus?

In the spring of this year Juice Plus launched a new program the ... Juice Plus Fitness Challenge.

The Fitness Challenge merges the benefits of exercise, stress management, water, sleep, supplementation and nutrition. Finally a holistic approach to health, vitality, athletics and weight management.

What surprises me is how this is news. All of a sudden athletic trainers every where are seeing nutrition from a new point of view. The view of overall health, not just looking good, skinny and built, but a strong body and mind. Since when did skinny and built become equated with healthy anyway? What are we if not a strong cardiovascular and immune system?

Several years ago Men's Fitness magazine published an story entitled "The Healthiest Man in the World." Triathlon winner with a 2% body fat. The man in the picture of the article was not thin, actually he appeared large at 200lbs. 5'10". This got me to thinking about research I read about anorexics. As a group anorexia's have the largest percent of body fat than any group, which makes them the most unhealthy of any group.

So maybe we need to spend less time thinking about our outward appearance and more importantly on our inward appearance.

The Juice Plus Fitness Challenge is worth consideration whether you are a fitness trainer or looking to live you life more fully. The Challenge encompasses all aspects of health and vitality, weight management and athletics. There really is nothing better than feeling terrific inside and out. Enjoying a since of well being, in the knowing you are doing all you can to be strong in mind and body.

As they say at
are you up for the challenge?

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Judy H. Wright said...

Hello from beautiful Montana:

What great info. We just went through something similar with our grandson Tyler, 15, who is visiting.

We were painting a rental house in the hot sun and he almost passed out, and clearly did not have stable energy.

Finally realized he was drinking energy drinks instead of water.

Once we showed him the sugar content (don't even talk about the caffine) he switched to water.

Keep up the good work.

Judy H. Wright