Monday, August 4, 2008

Healthy Eating Obstacle: Other Kids

This week I was asked by a mother "how do I get my children to eat right when other children, friends and family do not?"

As my children were growing up their favorite name for me was "food nut, food fanatic, over protective parent". Your get the picture. I was in charge of their food and I took my job seriously. When they were young I controlled what my children had available to eat, how much and when. Sound familiar? I was very committed to providing my children with the tools they needed to be able to make good choices as they begin to be in charge of their food. It was easy then.

As they grew older I could see I had less and less control of their food choices. They spent more time away from home with well meaning friends, family, school and after school activities. My children did not always make the best choices during their teen years, straying away from what I had spent so many hours focusing on with relentless resolve. During these years I spent many hours consoling myself, hoping the "nutritional damage" they did to themselves would not be perminate.

Over time my children became ambassadors for good health, changing the school lunch program to have more healthy choices, the lunch their friends picked from school and brought from home. As young adults they both of are living a healthy lifestyle to include healthy food choices as part of their daily routine.

Back to the question "how to get my children to eat right when other children, friends and family do not?" The answer is to teach your children when they are young how to make good lifestyle choices, being the best example you can be and as they travel through their life they will have the tools to make healthy choices when they are ready.

There is something to be said for being an "informed consumer."
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