Sunday, November 23, 2008

Thanksgiving is About the Thanks N Giving

Now is a great time to start planning the menu, developing the guest list, seating charts, decorations and all the hoopla around the Thanksgiving home celebration. As we roll right in to all the excitement I thought is would be great to give some tips on how to have a healthy Thanksgiving dinner.

I began to realize where is the thanks in over indulgence? Many families will not have the big Thanksgiving celebration of the past and will experience Thanksgiving a new. Perhaps a more thankful way. Thanksgiving is not about the food, decorations or hoopla. It is about taking a day to be truly thankful. For what you have or do not have, be sure and put the giving back into ThankSgiving by inviting someone you know over to share in your dinner, donate to your local charity and tell your family how much you appreciate them.

Every Thanksgiving our family has a tradition of doing all three. Invite someone over who is not in our close friendship or family circle, do what we can to help another family who may not be as blessed as we are and share what we are thankful about during this year. This tradition is character building, creates integrity and a since of giving back to the world.

As for the healthy food choices here are some tips from the University of Michigan: • slow down - eating fast means eating more food • choose whole grain breads • eat lots of green and colorful vegetables • drink lots of water • eat the turkey meat, but not the skin • skip some foods and enjoy others

Have a healthy Thanks - Giving!

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