Friday, November 28, 2008

What Athletes and Fitness Professionals Say About Juice Plus+

The large and growing body of Juice Plus+ clinical research is leading to the increasingly wide acceptance of Juice Plus+ among athletes and other fitness professionals. Many of these athletes and fitness professionals now recommend Juice Plus+ to their teammates and clients.

Most people know and understand the many health benefits of leading an active lifestyle that includes regular exercise. Exercise can benefit anywhere from increased lean muscle mass to improved bone density to better flexibility and better aerobic and anaerobic capacity. What most don't know is that there is one significant detrimental effect of exercise, exercise induced oxidative stress.

Exercise induced oxidative stress increases as exercise becomes more rigorous. Oxidative stress can significantly impact body repair and recovery post-exercise and as a result, hinder optimum performance. However, individuals can markedly reduce their oxidative stress and the impact it has on the body through proper nutrition. With proper nutrition, individuals can ensure the maximum health benefits from their exercise regime.

Check out what the athletes and fitness professionals have to say about the importance of eating more fruits and vegetables and the role that Juice Plus+ can play in improving one’s health and well being.

Proper nutrition can enhance your physical performance and ensure you are getting the maximum health benefits from your physical activity.

What the Athletes and Fitness Professionals Say
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