Saturday, January 17, 2009

Did they lie to us about this too? VitaminWater

By now you may be wondering if everything "they" told you has been a lie about the foods you are eating. Your local market is stocked with food after food labeled with "health claims" on the front of the package in very big letters. Do you believe this too?

It is time to take charge of yourself.
You can begin today by asking these questions.

What is the objective of the marketing company?
What is the objective of the manufacture/producer of the food product?

The answer is to make money. Plan and simple. As the end user it is easy to become confused by all the "razzle dazzle". Pretty boxes, hearts, healthy people on the packages matched with the message of "eat me and you will have healthy heart, bones," you get the picture.

For just a second let's review what the objectives are of the food companies who produce and sell food. The more you eat and drink the more money they make. There are millions of dollars to be made. Do you think the company (in this case Coca Cola) cares if the claims are true? Care about your health? The health of your children? Take all the time you need ... the answer is no. Never.

Time Magazine a few years back committed an issue to 'Living to 100". People who were born
" before 1979 have a 1 in 25 chance of living to 100 years old". If you were born "after 1979 now (30 year olds), have a 1 in 10 chance to live to 100".

So let me ask you long are you planning to live?
How do you plan on spending your health living it?

It is time to become an "informed consumer." Read all you can, learn what is really good for you. Remember there are no "neutral" foods, you are either eating foods that are good for you or bad for you. If you need some help, get it. It is never too late to begin to take care of yourself. The sooner you do the better you will feel. Isn't feeling great really what you are looking for?

Remember, if you don't take care of yourself ... who will?

Coca-Cola Sued Over Vitamin Water Health Claims

Vinnee Tong
The Associated Press
January 16, 2009

A nutrition advocacy group on Thursday sued the Coca-Cola Co., the biggest beverage maker in the world, over what it calls "deceptive" health claims about VitaminWater.

The Washington-based Center for Science in the Public Interest accuses Coke of selling what it says is basically sugar water by claiming it has vitamins that boost immunity and reduce the risk of disease.

The group said the health benefit claims that Coca-Cola makes about its VitaminWater are "nonsense." It filed a class action lawsuit in U.S. District Court in the Northern District of California.

"Any nonsensical claim you like, you can find in their line of VitaminWater," said the group's senior nutritionist, David Schardt.

VitaminWater flavors are marketed with words such as defense, rescue, energy and endurance. The drinks' top three ingredients are water, cane sugar and crystalline fructose, a form of sugar, according to the bottle labels. The 20-ounce bottle has roughly 33 grams of sugar, compared with about 39 grams in a typical 12-ounce soft drink.

Coca-Cola bought Glaceau's VitaminWater for $4.1 billion in June 2007. It was considered a coup at a time when consumers were buying less and less soda.

Consumers worried about their health had been driving down sales for soft drinks and switching to bottled water and other drinks like VitaminWater. The lawsuit says Coca-Cola "profited enormously" from sales driven by consumers' health concerns.

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