Saturday, April 4, 2009

Have you heard about the "appetite stimulus package"?

Have you heard the new radio ad campaign for McDonalds?
They are offering an "appetite stimulus package".
Here is the deal.
Buy more fat, carbs, salt and calories for less money.
What a bargin!

It seems by radio, television and internet we hear every other day in the US about the latest health related"epidemic" in our county. Children today are developing adult diseases such as type 2 diabetes, arthritis, kidney stones you name it and our kids are getting it at an unbelievable rate. As adults we have more lifestyle related diseases than any other country as well. However this health crises in not limited to the US. As "American" fast food selections become more available throughout the world so does the opportunity to develop heart disease, diabetes, cancer and many more degenerative disease just as we Americans do. Yikes!

In the "old days" nurses and doctors used to teach patients in the hospitals and medical offices how to take care of themselves and learn what to do to stay healthy (prevention). Not much any more. With the cost of health care in the US who can go to the doctor?

"Now days" we are learning how to take care of ourselves from the television, radio, internet, health food store clerks or a friend. Lucky for us McDonald's has jumped right in to help us out with our health decisions!

The next the next time you decide to take advantage of the McDonald's clever"appetite stimulus package" consider these health risks and benefits.

BENEFITS - easy, convenient, tasty, fast, simple RISKS (long term) - obesity, heart disease, stroke, diabetes just to name a few RISKS (short term) - weight gain, low energy, constipation, reduced blood flow

Consider this too.

"80% of all emergency room visits are not emergencies they are the result of a decade of lifestyle choices." Paul Williams MD, ER Physician

I am wondering if McDonald's offers a free ride to the nearest hospital with that meal?

What do you think?

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