Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Road to Better Health is Paved With Healthy Habits

Once I ran a 1/2 marathon.
How did I get started?
With the desire then one step at a time, baby steps.
How can you? The same way.

Running a marathon begins with the thought "Yes, a marathon sounds like fun! I have the time for training, I want to and I can do it once I learn how." Next by talking with someone with experience, knowledge ( gathering the information needed), creating a plan, developing habits then becoming committed ... now you are on your way to reaching your goal. After weeks, months or perhaps years you are ready for the race enjoying all the benefits and rewards that accompany accomplishing your goal.

Was it hard? Yes. Was it challenging? Yes. Was it worth it? Yes.

How did it happen? You want it to happen for you?

At first you will develop a plan to walk a specific amount of time and/or distance. When walking becomes easy you will add a walk - run routine, next run, increasing distance and duration as you continue to train. Developing habits to improve eating foods (improving performance) , sleep (rest/relaxation/recovery)
, your thinking (stress, motivation) all are part of the training. Over time you will develop the habits to complete the marathon. You will feel great, like a winner.

Your life is much the same. A marathon of sorts. A life marathon. The question is what experience would you like to have on your life marathon? What is your goal for quantity (how long), quality (how healthy), and longevity (how you age)? Unlike a marathon you run, your life marathon is not optional. You are traveling along this road, there is no turning back, you can not change the past. However there are many paths you can take which stand before you. Each path is created by a group of habits. Habits that promote sickness or health, longevity or aging.

Healthy habits help you to feel better, look better, be well. Unhealthy habits, interrupt your sleep, thinking and leave you sluggish, low energy, sick and tired. There is no middle ground with your lifestyle habits. The choices you make are good for you or bad for you. Your habits will determine how your feel, look, live and even die.

As with any goal it begins with the first step.
One foot in front of the other.
Small at first.
Each building on the other.
Moving forward to reach your goal.

one for each week of the year.
As your guide to assist you to create the life you desire and deserve.

When you are ready to receive your healthy habit ... request your habit to be sent by email or text messaging directly to your phone by contacting

Your health is your true wealth,

Your partner,

Cindy Cohen RN
Health Coach

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