Friday, April 16, 2010

Interesting observations - Food in the city

Traveling to NYC commonly known as the "Big Apple" is a big change from my hometown in Midwest Indiana especially where it comes to food acquisition. At home, when it is time to procure food I simply hop in my car drive to the closest mega - super store grocery, collect my groceries, hop in the car to a quick drive home. No planning, no obstacles.

In "the city" it is a much different operation. There are no "super - mega marts" here. No car for me to drive, nor is one required. My two feet and a bus fare is all I need and I am on my way. The markets are small, hhuumm very small; jam packed with a limited selection of canned, packaged, in jars, small cold storage. Not much of a selection here. Along the outside of the store, a beautiful array of fresh fruits and vegetables for all to see. Since I am limited to what I can carry it requires food shopping to be done on almost an every other day basis.

Healthy choices seem easier in the city. Constant reminder by the produce street vendors, open grocery stores with fruits and vegetables lining the streets makes these healthy selections easier. Maybe it's the natural light that has improved the colors of the fresh produce making them seem more appealing, or maybe it's just the constant visual reminder. Maybe the lour of processed packaged foods don't seem to be calling your name all jammed on the shelves of the tiny packed food markets like they do in the mega marts of the world.

This experience has left me thinking, what if I use the same strategy at home? Would I eat more fruits/vegetables? What if I shop a little more often, pick fresh in smaller quantities from my local farmers market, shop variety, display the beautiful fresh produce on my kitchen table and counters right where I can see them every day as a visual reminder. Would I make better choices? Starting Monday, we'll see!

Remember to take care of yourself, if you don't who will?

Your partner in health,

Cindy Cohen RN, Health Coach