Friday, December 31, 2010

Healthful Holiday Hints a Series

Seems like just about every other month there is some sort of holiday which comes with delectable foods, delightful tastes and yummy drinks that are not, let's say the healthiest. Holidays are filled with foods that provide confort at the dinner table but little comfort when having that "too full" feeling just after eating or squeezing into that festive outfit at the last minute.

There seems to be no end toall the holidays and celebrations. Who can celebrate without food? Each holiday has it's special food like birthday's have cake and ice cream, Anniversary's - chocolate, dinner out, Valentines Day more chocolate, Secretary's Day lunch out, Thanksgiving with stuffing, mashed potatoes, pumkin pie, Holloween, Christmas, Channukah do I need to say more?

For this reason I've started blogging around the challenges related to holiday and all celebration eating and just all around successful strategies to live a more health-filled life. I would love to hear your strategies too, this way we can learn from each other. Be sure to follow me on facebook, subscribe to this blog and relax everythings going to be ok, you just need to make a few modifications in your lifestyle and you'll feel better right away. At least a little less guilty.

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Healthful Holiday Hint #1 Eat Before You Eat
Healthful Holiday Hint #2 Forgot to drink water?
Healthful Holiday Hint #3 Sip on a Green Smoothie
Healthful Holiday Hint #4 Going to a party - Take your own
 Healthful Holiday Hint #5 Eat 2X's More Healthy Than Unhealthy

Remember the to take care of yourself, nobody cares about you like you do,
Your partner in health,
Cindy Cohen RN, Health Coach


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