Thursday, December 29, 2011

Start Your Year With Healthy Resolutions


Ok. Over the next few days we'll be creeping into another new year filled with expectations of  how it's going to be different this year. This year you'll resolve to be more and better then you were last year. Next year you'll eat better, get some more sleep, be less stressed and worry less. Oh wait, wasn't that what you said you'd to this year?

Let me ask you this "what about you has changed?" 
To change your results you must change your actions. Have your actions changed?
Have you developed a new plan? Or are you hoping what you did last year will work?
Why would it? It hasn't so far or has it?

How about this? This year instead of hoping your New Year resolutions stick, make a plan and you stick to your resolutions. Make those resolutions something you can stick to and live with. Feel confident in and good about. Maybe a little more realistic. Something you can really live with. Why overhaul you diet when you can take small steps to reach your goals?

5 Diet Resolutions for New Year

New Year's Resolution #1: Go Slow
  • Add more fiber 
  • Eat more fish
New Year's Resolution #2: Water, Water, Everywhere
  • Drink more water
New Year's Resolution #3: Go for the Gold - Red - Purple
  • Eat more fruits and veggies
New Year's Resolution #4: Tackle Mindless Munching
  • Pay attention to the food you eat
New Year's Resolution #5: Stack the Odds in Your Favor
  • Get a buddy

To get some great ideas and to read the whole article go here....
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Wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous 2012,

Be Well. Live Well.
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