Monday, March 19, 2012

Are you eating in circles?

Dr. Oz reported diet sodas are safe - California is labeling soft drinks as cancer causing. The corn industry advertises high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is "healthy" - Diabetes Health (consumer watch dog) says HFCS contributes to diabetes risk. Paula Dean serves up a dish of "deep fried butter" and signs a contract with a drug company advertising the latest diabetes drug. Are supplements good for you or do they cause more harm than good like Dateline NBC reported. We also learned from our grocery store scavenger hunt, low sodium is a relative term (lower than what?), healthy has many meanings and servings sizes can be deceiving. Oh wait, is it butter that's good for you or margarine?

Around and around we go ... does all this leave you thinking ... which is it?
What's true will always be true even if you want it to be something different. 

10 Tips to Chew On
1. Food in it's most natural form is always healthiest.
2. If you see it on a tree or growing from the ground eat that it's better than the frozen food section of the grocery store.
3. Fruits and vegetables will always be good for you. 
4. Fast food and junk food will never be good for you no matter how many "antioxidents" it has.
5. Artificial anything is just that ... artificial which means your body does not know what to do with it.
6. Eating something not healthy takes up room in your stomach where something healthy could be.
7. Food manufactures will try to trick you into eating more because that's how they make money, by selling more.
8. There are no neutral foods. Food is either good for your health or bad for your health. 
9. Less is more - organic / non genetically modified (non gmo)  / hormone free is best.
10. If you prepare it, you know what's in it.

It's about creating a healthier life through a healthier lifestyle on the road to better health one step at a time. Enjoy your journey! 

Your partner in health,
Cindy Cohen RN, Health Coach
C2 Your Health LLC
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