Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Recommendation

 Do you ever think about these things or is it just me?

Our government, the USDA says you need to eat fruits and veggies to be healthy. In fact, they're very specific on how much you do need to eat. Not just some but a total of 5 servings if you're a child, 7 servings if you're a women and 9 servings if you're a man. 

I know now you're wondering how much is a serving? The American Dietetic Association helps us with this one by stating a serving of 1 fruit and/or 1 veggie is generally 1/2 cup, except for leafy ones; for those 1 cup equals a serving. So let's say you have a child, you would be serving them 2 1/2 cups each and every day. Seems like a lot to me. What about you? I can remember when my kids where little getting them to eat 3 peas was a challenge most days of the week.

Women, what about the man in your life? Hum, 9 servings would be 4 1/2 cups per day. Sometimes 1 serving or maybe 2 of fruit if you eat a banana on your cereal in the morning and maybe an occasional salad at dinner I really don't see very many guys eating the recommendation. Do you? And men, how are the ladies doing with their healthy eating program? Really, 4 1/2 cups?

This year a new food eating system was developed to take the place of the food pyramid of old to try to help us do a better job at know what to eat. But wait ... has that really been the problem?  Not knowing? So the new system is Many hours, months and years went into the development of this easier system to show us what to do. It features a plate with 3/4 of it filled with plant based foods, 1/2 with fruits and veggies. Really, was that it? We didn't know what fruits and veggies look like on our plate?

Maybe it would help to revisit the proverbial carrot vs. the stick. 

So the carrot is ...
If you do eat lots of fresh, raw fruits and veggies you get to enjoy a life filled with good health, vitality, doing and enjoying all the things you have been working for and towards during your lifetime. You get to keep the money you have spent your life earning by not spending it on the medical system. And you get to spend your time the way you like to.

The stick is ...  
Only 1 in 3 of us will live a healthy life. So take a minute, look to your left, then to your right. What do you see? I see my friends wishing they had made better choices when they were young. I see doctor, over the counter, prescription drugs and treatment bills for sickness that could be prevented with some careful planning. I see some spending their money, youth, not just retirement unable to enjoy those around them due to illness and all the stress that comes with it. 

Which leaves me wondering this...
How many fruits and/or vegetables do you think you need to miss before you develop an illness?  

Just wondering.

Remember to take care of yourself. 
No one cares about you like you do. 

Your partner in health,
Cindy Cohen RN
C2 Your Health LLC