Sunday, September 2, 2012

Artificial Sweetners – Why Risk It?

Have you ever really thought about Artificial Sweeteners?
Now might be a good time.

Have you been using artificial sweeteners to save a few calories?
As a way to slim down?
Keep those pounds off?
Well think again.

A recent research study conducted at Purdue University shows that a group of test subjects fed artificial sweeteners subsequently consumed THREE TIMES THE CALORIES of those given ordinary sugar. The group who ate artificial sweetener also had 10% greater weight than the group who ate sugar. So there goes the slim down theory...

Let's take a quick look at the most popular artificial sweeteners.

Why are they called ARTIFICIAL? Because artificial is not natural. Artificial is not organic, not from the earth, not whole food and not life giving. Artificial sweeteners are manmade chemicals, unknown to nature, unrecognizable to your body and depending on what you read have a host of potential side effects that are certainly not... life giving.

ASPARTAME (Equal) - There has been a great deal of controversy around aspartame adverse side effects (dangers vs safety) and the circumstances around it's approval. Dangers you may be asking?

SUCRALOSE (Spenda) - Sucralose has been scrutinized due to the marketing strategies advertisements such as " made from sugar" which is false and misleading. Sucralose is not made from sugar. Sucralose is a manmade group of chemicals, not made from sugar, just like sugar or anything else natural. Just more chemicals. Sucralose is a fairly new product on the market so it is hard to say what the adverse effects (dangers) may be. Are you willing to be a test subject for splenda?

You are trading these chemicals for sugar? Why?

SUGAR - Sugar is from whole food, organic, comes from sugar cane (the earth) and our bodies know what to do with it. Sugar has been on the market for at least as long as I have been here which is over 50 years. There is no confusion about how sugar came into being and arrived on your dinner plate, or drinks.

Here is what you are trading.

Sugar 30 calories per teaspoon, for more chemicals and more chemicals.

Do you ever wonder what happens to all those chemicals in your body?
I think they are making you and me sick and so do many other national organizations.

The next time you reach for the yellow or blue package for that nice glass of anti-oxidant loaded green tea ask yourself why?

Your partner in health,

Health Consultant


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