Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Nothing is Fast About Fast Food

You're busy, over worked and tired from the activities of living. You may think it’s overwhelming to even consider the prospect of cooking at home. Who has the time? 

Consider this, maybe fast food really isn’t as fast as you think. 
There is more to taking in fast food than the consumption of it. 
Other factors include how much time does it really take to get everyone into the car, 
wait in line at the drive through, wait for it to be made or put together, 
then drive home with this “fast food” then unload it to the dinner table. 

Or when going to a sit-down restaurant; the drive, parking, waiting for a person to take your order, then waiting some more for your order to be delivered to your table, then driving home. How long does all this take you? Does sound fast to me.

With a little planning ahead you can have your meals on the table in 5 – 30 minutes with no stress and not a lot of work. The key is to plan ahead, have the food ready to go when you arrive home. Take the food you have prepared ahead out of the refrigerator, out of the oven or the slow cooker and serve. Easy and fast!

Clean up can be fast too if you use paper plates, glasses, and plastic forks, spoons and knives. Covering the baking dishes with aluminum foil or parchment paper reduces scrubbing. You can share these tasks with other family members which will speed up the cleanup. Peppermint soap is great for speeding up cleanup kitchen surfaces. It is a multipurpose cleaner that’s organic, a natural pesticide, not harmful and smells fresh. Here’s a big plus insects don’t like the smell so they stay away!

Once you've recognized that eating out isn't necessarily a time saver, you can begin to plan your at-home meals to save even more time.  If you've been just "winging it" every night, these last minute meals can be exhausting. Mapping out a weekly menus, shopping lists, and preparing meals ahead of when you need them is a great way to take control of your home cooking efforts. Once you establish a routine you will be able to fit your home-cooked meals into your everyday life fast and easy. 

What ever you eat keep it close to home,
Your partner in health,

Cindy Cohen RN
Wellness Consultant