Thursday, December 19, 2013

5 Steps to Navigating the Holiday Buffet & Other Strategies for Healthy Eating

Recently I presented a seminar on strategies to eating healthy for the holidays for the members of
Cass County Council on Aging in Michigan. We had so much fun I thought I would share a little with you of what we learned.

Staying healthy is simple however with each new day, new challenges may be standing before you. This season filled with food, food, and more food traditionally not necessarily of the healthiest variety. Reaching your healthy eating goals sometimes becomes ... a little out of reach.

To help you move forward for the next few weeks and at every buffet gathering here are  
5 Steps to Navigating a Buffet:

Step 1 Develop a Lifestyle Strategy
•    Choose health and wellness each and every day
•    Make 1 decision to make healthy choices then make that decision  - a 1,000 times

Step 2 Make a Plan
•    Set parameters for buffet visit such as number of trips you will take or  types of food you will pick before you go to the event
•    Choose homemade, whole food over store bought foods
•    Eat more fruits, veggies, nuts, whole grains
•    Use a smaller plate, smaller portions and take smaller bites

Step 3 Get Ready
•    Eat before you go, don’t go hungry
•    Take healthy food with you so you have at least 1 healthy choice
•    Bring chewing gum, a mouth full of gum does not have room of unhealthy foods
•    Plan to drink water instead of sugary drinks or large amounts of alcohol

Step 4 The Buffet Table
•    Survey the selections before you begin to fill your plate
•    Eat only what you want, leave the rest
•    Stop eating when satisfied, not over full
•    Step away from the table to socialize
•    Hold a glass in your hands to keep them away from the food

Step 5 After the Buffet and all other events
•    Get back on track - Fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans & 100% whole grains
•    Detox on healthy foods - Dark green vegetables & high fiber fruits

Years ago from I learned this great strategy from Weight Watchers "the very next meal, get back on the program". In other words, get back on the "horse that threw you" by making the very next food you eat healthy and every one after that!

Wishing you a healthy holiday season,
Your partner in health,

Cindy Cohen RN, BS BA
Certified Health Coach, Wellness Consultant
C2 Your Health LLC

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