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Why are cow, goat and sheep milk alternatives so popular?

I think the real question is "Why do we think it's healthy to drink the milk of another animal?"  

Baby cow's drink their mommy's milk, baby goats drink the milk of their mommy. Goats do not drink cows milk nor do cows drink goats milk.  It just makes sense. Each species has the enzymes and digestive system to break down their own milk into a composite of usable nutrients to aide in the development of a healthy body.  As humans we too only have the enzyme to break down human milk, now cow's milk.

Here is a great article that was published in the National Post Health Section June 2, 2014 

‘Cows’ milk is good for calves, but not for us’: Avoid cancer by axing dairy, meat products, U.K. scientist and six-time survivor urges.

In 1993, the breast cancer that had plagued Jane Plant since 1987 returned for the fifth time. It came in the shape of a secondary tumour — a lump in her neck the size of half a boiled egg.
Doctors told her that she had only months to live.

Then a mother of two young children, Plant recalls the shocked discussion she had with her husband, Peter. As scientists — she is a geochemist, he a geologist — they had both worked in China on environmental issues, and knew that Chinese women had historically very low rates of breast cancer: one epidemiological study from the ’70s showed the disease affected one in 100,000 Chinese women, compared with one in 12 in the West.

“I had checked this information with senior academics,” Plant says. “Chinese doctors I knew told me they had hardly seen a case of breast cancer in years. Yet if Chinese women are on Western diets — if they go to live in the U.S. or Australia, for example — within one generation they got the same rate. I said to Peter, ’Why is it that Chinese women living in China don’t get breast cancer?’ “
Her husband recalled that on field expeditions his Chinese colleagues provided him with powdered milk because they did not drink it themselves. “He pointed out at that time they did not have a dairy industry. It was a revelation.” 

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To learn more about the cow milk and cancer connection go to the research published in the book The China Study or to the China Study Community.

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