Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Role of Community Gardens in Sustaining Health Communities - Do Your Part

This is an excerpt from The Role of Community Gardens in Sustaining Healthy Communities Posted by  on September 29, 2010 8:05 pm

Community workers, public health officials and urban planners are increasingly concerned about declining levels of physical and psychological health of city dwellers. The reasons behind this alarming trend are complex.

Poor nutrition – particularly over consumption of high density foods – is an significant factor in the equation, especially in disadvantaged communities where fresh produce is often hard to find and expensive. Environment and health professionals are gradually realizing that they need to work together to better understand these issues if workable solutions are to be found. 

Our research found that this project resulted in a broad range of positive physical and psychological well-being outcomes for the public housing tenants. These included providing opportunities for individuals to relax, undertake physical activity, socialize and mix with neighbors, sharing across culturally different backgrounds and religions. 

The gardens also afforded opportunities to learn about horticulture and sustainable environmental practices, such as composting and recycling, as well as being an important source of low-cost fresh produce for a healthy diet.

“Preventing obesity… means making changes in the transport, urban planning, agriculture, education and health sectors…”
This research confirms that community gardens can play a significant role in enhancing the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being necessary to build healthy and socially sustainable communities. To read the whole article click here

It's important for all us to do our part to help design a healthy community.  What does it look like? It's pitching to in to create a little piece of health right by your house, work or attend church.  It can be growing your own garden, creating a neighborhood garden or volunteering to help in a community gardening project. Or maybe it's as simple as educating yourself on what creates a  healthy lifestyle and asking your friends to join you.

One thing is for sure, a healthy community starts with you and the choices you make every day for yourself and your family.

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