Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Is today the day?

WOW today is the first day of fall that means winter is just around the corner. Here in the Midwest we are looking towards hunkering down for the winter along with packing on a few extra pounds. From where you;re sitting right now that might not be a good thing. 

Researchers tell us the average weight gain in one year is 12 lbs. YIKES! If its true misery loves company then you will be glad to know 35% of those living in the Midwest are obese and in that boat with you. You know the one that's sinking just like your health.

I say it’s time to jump ship! What do you say?

Today is the day to begin to challenge yourself to make one simple change each month to move towards your health goals whether it’s to lose weight, maintain your weight or get healthier. When is it comes to your weight and health there’s no standing still. Every day with each choice you make you are either becoming healthier or fatter and sickly. 
I'm just curious what are you waiting for? Everybody knows there's never a good time to get started. What's stopping you this week? I bet it's the same thing that stopped you last week and the week before.
Have you heard the Yiddish proverb  If you don't want to do something, one excuse is as good as another. Does this remind you of you? Stop it!

Challenge yourself to be all in. Make a commitment to yourself and those you love to get started and keep with it. Right now commit to living every day to its fullest, making informed and life-giving choices. Commit to making even the smallest change to put you closer to a healthier body. 

Did you know if you add one serving of spinach each day to your plate and you will be adding 365 servings of spinach over the course of a year. This is important because It just takes 1/2 cup spinach each day to reduce your risk of macular degeneration. 

Increasing the amount of water you drink will leave feeling full, food on your plate and smaller around the waist! 

Fill your plate with 3 cups of fruits and vegetables, eat them first then you'll find it easier to say bye bye to that sugar fat filled dessert and hello to a smaller dress size. 

Just one small change every month can equal big results over time.

Commit to feeling good about the change you are making or even the one you are thinking about making. Begin to eat consciously. Be aware of the choice you are making. Become an informed eater.

Commit to going to bed each night knowing you have done your very best. Reward a job well done  No matter how the day goes, the good news is when you wake up you get to start over again with unlimited possibilities.

Remember to take care of yourself... because if you don't who will?

Your partner in health, 


Cindy Cohen RN
Certified Health Coach
Wellness Consultant 
C2 Your Health LLC

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