Monday, November 30, 2015

9 Holiday Weight Loss Tips - Transform30 Challenge

You may not know this but November, next to January is the biggest month for thinking of going on, and starting up a weight loss program. So if you are one of them then how about this season beginning a natural detox, healthy weight loss and rejuvenation program. After all that's what you really want isn't it? Good health? Look great? Rejuvenation. The program we recommend is Transform30, it's healthy, do-able, and works.

How about this season you help yourself, your family and friends all lose weight and get healthy together. Join our Transform 365 Today Community, learn how to detox, get health coaching along your journey and live healthy the Transform30 way.

This is how you get started ....
1. Tell everyone you are starting on your detox, weight loss and healthy eating plan. Recruit your friends to join you and include your family. 

2. Invite your family in food planning, menu selections, snacks, healthy shakes and drinks. Everyone in your family deserves to be healthy and a healthy weight too.

3. Grocery shop ahead for only the foods on your Menu Plan plus what you will need to take Juice Plus+ Orchard, Garden, Vineyard blends, drink 1 or 2 Complete Power Shakes per day, 2 snacks at least 1 Power Meal. 

4. Make a schedule for eating, use a chart and follow it. Don't skip meals or snacks, if you have trouble remembering set a timer when it's time to eat, you should never be hungry. 

5. Have your food prepared and ready to eat at all times. It's easy to get derailed when you have to look for food at the last minute. 

6. Don't save up calories, or foods for a later time, always stay on your schedule, before going out for dinner or to a party, drink a Complete Power Shake or have a portion of your Power Meal. If you are taking a dish, take a salad, this is good for you, on your plan and good for your friends too.

7. Pick 1 affirmation repeat it every time you eat. Something like I am Creating the Body I've Always Wanted, I am Easily and Effortlessly Losing Weight, I am Beautiful, Healthy, and Making Healthy Food Choices is Easy, I am the perfect size (what size you want to be) and Love How I Feel.
8. Re-evaluate and restart. It's important to have a start, stop and re-evaluate your progress. Adjust your plan, strategies, give yourself a little break and then restart. We recommend 14 - 30 day program. It's long enough to start a new habit, give it a go to see if it's working. It's also long enough for you to feel the difference in how great you can feel when you make good food choices.

9. If you have not already, join us on Facebook for our 14 Day Detox, Holiday Countdown.  
We post shakes, recipes, tips every day from 1st to the 15th. 

Let's get this holiday season off to a good start. No need to stuff yourself this year, how about filling up with knowing you are doing all you can to ring in the New Year, with a New You! 

Your partner in health, 


Cindy Cohen RN, BS BA
Certified Wellness Consultant
Certified Health Coach
C2 Your Health LLC

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