Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Jump Start Your Health Take 5

Did you know each January about 33% that's 1/3 of us resolve to better ourselves in the coming year? According to the experts about 45% of those who resolve to take action do it in the form of New Year's resolutions. Of these folks 10% fully commit. In other words if 100 people decide to better themselves, 66 will take some sort of action. Another 40 people will set New Year's Resolutions. While about 75% of people stick to their goals for at least a week, less than half are still on target six months later. That means less than 20 people out of 100 may make lasting behavior changes. More than likely you are one of the 80% who do not keep their resolutions. So what's going on here? Maybe it's how you set your goals that derails you. 

What do your New Year's resolutions look like? I would like to suggest you leave the big sweeping goals by the wayside. Resolutions to stress less, eat healthy and exercise more all sound good but maybe just a bit too vague. 

I would like to suggest you set smaller, simple, easily attainable goals this year. The goals you are more likely to keep are the ones that are specific, measurable and have a start date. For example, set a goal for January to eat one more vegetable with every meal working towards eating 4 vegetables per day. Then in February add 1 more fruit to each snack moving towards 3 fruits per day. In March well you get the idea. The greatness of the simplicity of making one simple change at a time is this time next year you will have made 12 improvements in your personal wellness plan and feel great about your achievements.

This year instead of hoping your New Year resolutions stick, make a plan and you stick to your resolutions. Make those resolutions something you can stick to and live with. Feel confident in and good about. Maybe a little more realistic. Something you can really live with. Why overhaul you diet when you can take small steps to reach your goals?

5 Healthy Living Resolutions for New Year

New Year's Resolution #1: Go slow 
Make small changes. Start with one small change then commit until you have mastered this new habit. 

New Year's Resolution #2: Drink 8 glasses of water per day
Substitute water for carbonated, sugary drinks and fancy coffees one at a time until you have omitted all but water. 

New Year's Resolution #3: Eat real food and lots of it
Eat more fresh raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds than freezer, boxed and canned foods. Work towards eating 6 - 8 different fruits and veggies each day. If you can't do this take Juice Plus+ whole food nutrition to bridge the gap.  Following this plan you will be not only protecting your health you will wake up better, sleep better, have more energy and feel less anxious.  

New Year's Resolution #4: Get more sleep 
When you get more sleep, you stress less, feel better and look better too. The recommended sleep time is at least 7 hours of sleep each night. Why because when you sleep your body heals and reboots. 

New Year's Resolution #5: Get moving
Not everyone can exercise for 30 - 90 minutes a day however everyone can become more active than they already are. The more activity you experience in your life your mood is boosted and your weight is more easily managed. 

This year resolve to make small simple changes. Start easy. You are more likely to attain your health goals if you have a buddy, health coach or community to support you and hold you accountable.   

Wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous 2016,

Be Well. Live Well.
Your partner in health,

Certified Health Coach
Certified Wellness Consultant