Tuesday, July 12, 2016

5 Eating Habits That Sabotage Weight Loss

This article first appeared in Fresh Lifestyle
You may start out with the best intentions when you decide on a weight loss program, but bad eating habits can sabotage your weight loss efforts. Even with the best of intentions people often find themselves derailing their own health, weight loss and fitness goals because their new lifestyle changes don’t fit into their daily routines.
Avoiding the following behaviors will make the transition to a healthier lifestyle and successful weight management that much easier.
1. skipping meals
Do you know that skipping snacks and meals can severely challenge your hopes of having an improved body? Whatever your excuses are they are ultimately sabotaging your program. Schedule into your daily routine snack breaks every couple of hours and eat at every meal time. Eating at scheduled meals around the same time every day will jump start your metabolism and your digestion leaving you feeling better all day.  Skipping meals can cause mood swings, over eating, weight gain, distraction and fatigue. This will in turn lead to poor performance at home and work. So respect your meal and snack time, ‘no ifs’ and ‘no buts’. Be your own excellent boss and make scheduled meal times a planning priority every day. Your concentration, production, attitude, and your waistline will benefit. In a big hurry, try a healthy smoothie! ­­
This is a big one. You should savor and feel each bit of food you put in your mouth. Enjoy the moment! Do not fall into the habit of swallowing one mouthful after another and shoveling your food in too quickly. Do not load your fork until you have finished chewing the previous mouthful. Research reveals that people who chew their food well every mealtime consume 1/3 less food compared to people who eat rapidly.
Spend at least twenty minutes eating the food on your plate. It takes about twenty minutes for your brain to recognize that you are full.  So if you eat quickly you will be more likely to end up eating more than you should leaving you with that over full feeling. A great tip is to try chewing your food twenty times before swallowing it. When you put that next bite in your mouth close your eyes and say to yourself “I love chewing my food.”
Trying to decide on dessert? After after your main meal, wait for twenty minutes before you decide you feel like dessert. You may be pleasantly surprised to know you are too full to fit it in!
You may remember the TV commercials Got Milk? advertising if you drink 3 glasses of milk a day increases weight loss. Well as it turns out that advertisement is completely untrue. The U.S. Dairy industry has aggressively promoted the weight-loss benefits of milk and other dairy products however a recent review of nearly 50 randomized trials finds little evidence that high dairy or calcium intakes help with weight loss.  According to Harvard School of Public Health “Milk does not do a body good” in fact high dairy consumption is associated with weight gain and increased body mass index. Surprised?


Identifying what foods are processed can be confusing at best. Most health authorities define the term ‘processed food’ as any food that has been altered or changed from its natural state in some way. For our health coaching clients we define processed foods as foods that come in a box, bag, can or freezer. Not all processed foods are bad for you. However, you do need to beware because some of these foods can be loaded with hidden fats, sugars, sodium and unhealthy chemicals. You cannot always believe what’s on the front of the package. The front panel of the packaging is designed to entice you to buy the product and may not be truthful. Leading health authorities report some added chemicals contribute to increased fat mass, heart disease risks and diabetes. The less of these foods you eat the easier it will be to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight. Looking for a program to support clean eating and help you eat less processed goods? We recommend Transform30® as one of the best cleansing and rejuvenation programs around plus it’s backed by science research.
Research demonstrates we tend to eat the same volume or weight of food every day, whether those calories come in the form of a hamburger wedged between two white buns and a slice of cheese or if you eat a nice fresh salad loaded with vine ripened fruits and vegetables. When focusing on healthy weight loss it’s crucial to stick to lower calorie foods to make up this volume. You will feel the same full after eating that cheese hamburger as you do eating the salad except for a few exceptions. When you are done eating the cheese hamburger you may experience bloating, indigestion, constipation and fatigue. When you finish eating the big salad you will feeljust the opposite in fact you may even feel energetic! Another great side effect of eating lots of fruits and vegetables you will find it easy to lose weight and keep it off.
Wondering how many to eat? The USDA along with all major government health organizations recommend adults to eat between 9 – 13 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables every day to maintain health. Having trouble eating all those fruits and vegetables every day? Check out Juice Plus+ whole food nutrition. No it’s not another one of those crazy vitamins or supplements. Juice Plus+ is the next best thing to fruits and vegetables backed by medical research. Check it out!
Maintaining a healthy weight not only entails choosing healthy food behaviors and eating nutritious foods.  Accountability remains one of the major requirements towards achieving optimal health. To increase your likelihood of success get a buddy or hire a health coach to help you reach your goals.
Remember your eating habits can enormously impact every aspect of your life making the difference between healthy living, sharing time with your family, doing the activities you love or otherwise. When you eat take the time and effort to be aware of not only when you are eating, but what you are eating, how much and even how much time you are spending on eating you will feel better, look better and be happier for it. Your actions today are shaping the future healthier you.
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