Friday, January 27, 2017

Warm Up with Healthy Recipes for National Soup Month

What a nice surprise to see January is National Soup Month!

I eat a big bowl of homemade soup pretty much every day. Not so much because I really love soup.  I prepare it and eat it as a healthy eating food strategy. The USDA recommends we eat about 6 cups of fresh, in a wide variety, fruits and veggies everyday which is not an easy task. Soup is an easy solution. 

Each week of the year I cook up a big pot of soup, loaded with fruits or vegetables, beans in a yummy broth. I think of soup as my make once, eat 8 times meal. Don't like all that chopping? No problem. Most food markets now have veggies all chopped up, ready to dump into a big pot, with a delicious pre-made organic broth, throw in a few spices plus load of garlic and you're ready to go! 

Resource: Warm up with healthy recipes for National Soup Month 

Whether you’re partial to broth or bisque, a hearty bowl of soup is one of the ultimate comfort foods—especially with some crusty bread for dipping. I’ve never been much of a fan of canned soup—though I understand the convenience factor—so I am happy to report that there are many delicious boxed and frozen soups that are just as easy to prepare and have a much fresher taste than their canned counterparts. Keep reading for recipes .... 

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Cindy Cohen RN, BS BA
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Certified Health Coach
WELCOA Faculty
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