Thursday, November 23, 2017

Thanksgiving: What are you thankful for?

It’s official, it’s the Thanksgiving holiday here in the states. Many have been planning holiday menus, developing guest lists, seating charts, decorations and all the hoopla around the Thanksgiving celebration. So, I too got busy thinking of how to keep our Thanksgiving healthy and help you with yours too. Then I got to thinking “What is really happening at Thanksgiving?” It seems for many Thanksgiving eating too much food, watching too much TV and maybe drinking too much alcohol. Has Thanksgiving come to be synonymous with over-indulgence? Did we forget what Thanksgiving is really about?  

In the last few weeks I have heard the pain of many families not having the same Thanksgiving as years past with all the “trimmings” because money is in short supply. With “the holidays” straight ahead a new sadness has been added as many are unable to provide the same “things” as last year. I got to thinking maybe now is a good time to begin to rethink what Thanksgiving is all about. It’s not about over indulgence, it’s about being grateful for what we do have however little that may seem.

How about thinking about Thanksgiving a new way perhaps a more thankful way. Thanksgiving does not have to be about the food, decorations or hoopla. It can be about something more meaningful like taking a day to be truly thankful for your family, friends, food, shelter, warmth and your health. For one day forget about how you wish things were different and be truly present with what you do have and be grateful for it.

This year start a new tradition by putting the GIVING back into Thanksgiving by donating your time or resources to a local charity, invite someone you know over to share your Thanksgiving holiday and to let your family and friends know how much you appreciate them. This tradition is character building, creates integrity and a since of giving back to the world. Take time to appreciate you too, how you have made the world a better place for having been in it, and the good you have brought to others.   

Kevin Eikenberry shares with us the powerfulness of being grateful and how life changing it can be, in his article the Power of Gratitude he calls it the magic potion of health and happiness. That’s a Thanksgiving worth celebrating.

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