Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Simple Changes to Guide Your Wellness

Welcome to 2018! While flipping a page in a calendar doesn’t wipe out our unfinished to-do lists from 2017, it does have a way of putting life into perspective. So, for me, each new year feels like a clean slate. I see it as an opportunity to get back on track with my goals or even set new ones.
In 2018, why not give yourself the ultimate gift of improved health and wellness? Speaking of gifts, I’ve got one to help you get started. In lieu of an article about resolutions, I’m making you a list you’ll want to keep around –products, recipes, and inspiration to simplify your approach in making 2018 a banner year. What could be easier?

  1. Water bottle: Make it your shadow. Take it everywhere you go, and you’ll never find yourself falling short of your daily hydration needs.
  2. Vegetable spiralizer: These have been around for a while, and my guess is they’ve moved from trend to classic. While it’s okay to enjoy the real thing when cravings hit, it’s also a healthy move to replace calorie-laden pasta with nutrient-rich vegetables on a regular basis.
  3. Good eats: To follow up on #2, try this killer recipe for zucchini noodles and chicken with peanut sauce.
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