Wednesday, January 23, 2019

7 of the Worst Fast-Food Salads, According to Nutritionists

This week during the government shutdown President Donald Trump put on a fast-food feast to welcome the National Football Champions to the White House with pizza, over 1,000 hamburgers and french fries. Some sources reported the meal coast was $3,000, much less than a meal prepared by the White House staff. The reason for the fast food was served was because it was a quick and easy fix. President Trump admitted they "could have had salads, guys aren't into salads" so they had fast food.

I got to thinking these are the same type of decisions we as a country are facing every day in our homes. Our kitchens are shut down too, due to busy schedules, long work hours and the idea of a quick fix, fast food. However, it’s not really quick and the only thing you are fixing is your hunger pains. What we are really doing is solving a problem now and creating more problems in the future, namely a future filled with sickness, sadness and financial insecurity. 

But wait, you say you eat salads at fast food restaurants so you’re in a good spot. Surprise! Make note, if it comes from a fast food restaurant, you’d best step away from it before it kills you. 

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7 Of The Worst Fast-Food Salads, According To Nutritionists

TV exposés, investigative magazine articles, healthy lifestyle websites and books like Eat This, Not That! have been alerting the American public to a real bummer of a fact for the past decade: Just because it’s a salad doesn’t mean it’s good for you.

Before nutritionists and Dr. Oz revealed that Chili’s Quesadilla Explosion Salad is the nutritional equivalent of eating two bags of potato chips, many of us believed in earnest that we were making a smart choice by choosing a salad at our favorite chain restaurants and fast-food joints. If we can’t trust our go-to meal spots to keep us feeling healthy with something that comes in a bowl of lettuce, what are we supposed to eat when we’re in a rush and/or on a budget?

The FDA has taken note. As of May of 2018, restaurants with over 20 locations had to start listing calories so customers can make informed decisions. Taco Bell has become a leader in the healthy menu item expansion that many chains are making, and many of the country’s heavy-hitters now have feel-good options.

That doesn’t mean these menus don’t require a bit of navigating. There are healthy salads and unhealthy salads, and sometimes there are better menu picks altogether.

That’s why we’ve turned to the experts to shine a light on fast-food chain salads. By looking at the biggest offenders at top chains in terms of calories and fat as well as what ingredients they include, we can start to make sense of which salads to avoid, which salads are actually full of good fat, which modifications to make to take a salad from empty calories to nutritionally economical, and in some cases, what to order instead of a salad.

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